We find that the most rewarding projects are the short creative runs that require a bit more attention to detail than usual. Specialising in hand pulled screen print, we can print on pretty much anything if it's flat. With our digital die cutter we can accurately add apertures to your work or plot along outlines to take off boring square edges. This is great for bespoke CD sleeves, stationary or unique business cards. Let us take on your whole project or supply us with your own design for reproduction, see contact for guidelines.


With a background that encompasses packaging design, product design, branding and illustration, we offer a wide range of skills to help your project look pretty snazzy. Our printmaking can be applied to menus, bespoke boxes or promotional material to set your identity apart. From logos and layouts to the final article, we'll give your business the human touch. Or if you want the robotic touch, we can supply your graphics as digital files too.


If our doodles are your kind of thing, why not commission an illustration or two. Ideal for both retail and editorial application, we can get scribbling some folk to suit your message. Generally drawn by hand our designs are art worked and vectorised so scaling is never an issue. Tangled dog ears, mountainous hats and bird nest beards are a few of the subjects we've scrawled to date.